Show: Suitable Video #5: Hits

@ Regina Rex in Queens, NY, curated by Scott Wolniak

Suitable Video #5: Hits' brings together a variety of recent video works, combining fact and fiction, narrative and optics, with an emphasis on entertainment. As a series of shorts, these 13 pieces build off one-another through relational logic and sequential ebb and flow. Some works are clustered by tone, aesthetics or technique, while others function essentially as palette cleansers for that which preceded it (see Jen Stark following Paul Nudd). The thematic thread through the collection is the presence of, or allusion to, evidence within a story, joke or optical freak out. This screening marks the 5th iteration of Suitable Video and is the project’s New York debut. All of the artists or titles in the program have appeared in previous Suitable volumes, making it a sort of Hits collection. Suitable Video is the occasional curatorial platform of Scott Wolniak, showcasing innovative video art through screenings, exhibitions and limited edition DVDs.


Live, Screen-Based Choreography

Installation Views: