Show: Suitable Video Vol. 4- Ten and a Half Stories

@ MDW Art Fair in Chicago, IL, curated by Scott Wolniak

This fourth volume from Suitable Video brings together stylistically disparate works involving the construction of narrative, built temporal experience and videos about buildings.

Works range from appropriated footage of consumer spectacles (“L.C.D.” by Eric Watts; “Exhaust Stack/ Cooling Tower Controlled Demolitions” by Brett Tracy); meditations on architectural aura (“Witch Kiln” by Lauren Beck; “It Wasn’t Night It wasn’t Day” by Mike Schuh); ghostly pajamas (“Disillusionment of 10 O’Clock” by Lilli Carré); Caribbean rental units (“Satinwood” by Joshua Conro); high-anxiety rooms, (“GRIND” by David Cordero), retinal terrorism (“The Brain Terminator” by Thorne Brandt), twisted choreography (“Pony” by Chris Collins and “Response to Pony” by Anjali Alm-Basu) and neurotic conversations between small animals (“Everybody” by Jessie Mott and Steve Reinke).

The program is sequenced like a multi-level building, with a foundation that is followed by a number of self-contained but ascending levels. Each next thing washes away what came before or builds upon it.

Suitable Video is the occasional curatorial project of Scott Wolniak, showcasing innovative, mostly local moving-image art in screenings, exhibitions and limited-edition DVDs.


Live, Screen-Based Choreography

Installation Views: