Show: Stuff on Stuff on Stuff

@ Tritriangle in Chicago, IL, curated by Jennifer Chan

As part of the CAALTERNATE 2014, Tritriangle would like to invite all who are beat by the conference hustle to show and install their browser-based/screen-based/computer-based works at "STUFF ON STUFF ON STUFF"! Gifs, videos, websites, games, web works..etc. are all welcome. Participation is open to all who are interested. Bring your own laptops, projectors, portable DVD players, media players, and supports. Then bring a crate or a box of beer to put it on! This event was inspired by "Crates and Laptops" (2010) started by IT2S (Nate Hitchcock, Dain Oh and Jordan Rhoat)

Download for Mac, PC, Linux, or play online

Stuff on Stuff on Stuff: The Game (beta)

a game where u stack stuff on stuff

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