Show: Digital Potluck – SAIC Wired

@ School of The Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL, curated by

Digital Potluck : Creating Virtual Environments This is a crash course in fast and experimental 3d modeling, texturing, as well as the very basics of video game design using the Unity game engine. Bring your own laptop and together we will create an entire 3D virtual sculpture exhibition from scratch in 90 minutes. By the end of the class, you will have a fully playable, first-person 3D environment populated with digital sculptures by your peers! The workshop portion will be fun, freeform, and fast-paced, focusing on learning software skills through play, collaboration, and improvisation. A variety of techniques and software will be explored and will be tailored greatly to everyone’s skill-level and interest. This class explores software for artists–focusing on results instead of best practices. It is perfect for the beginner or traditional artist/designer who is interested in coding and video games, but intimidated by the technical barriers of traditional computer-science focused programming classes. If you already have these technical skills, this class is a great way to open up your creative practice and learn to work in a way that is less structured.

Installation Views: