tyepilot.com (2011)

An Internet Mystery

“Tyepilot.com” is a multi-media piece of non-fiction writing with found images and video. An attempt to track down the creator of some unique promotional images uncovers the story of a trans-pacific love affair and a pyramid scheme that involves the King of Western Samoa.

Mike Guiterrez wrote some great words on his blog:

"What American Idol did to William Hung, Collins does to Ron Tye. A public exhibition of the private innards of a heart that still beats pure through the high volume degradation of a paper-thin digital economy. But whereas the network television juggernaut backhand skewers its innocent victim like a Christian in an arena spectacle, Collins dares you to smirk while he layers the absurdities of Tye's contributions to the internet one on the other until the separate strands of insanity weave themselves together into an endearing portrait of a lonely man crying out into the www.echochamber.com for the too long absent love of his life, the mother of his children. The story unfolds like a detective story, Collins digging into the bottomless depths of the web to unearth the heartbreak of a strange man, a car wreck, a diva of solitude sending out Youtube love letters tracked to contemporary R&B classics. Witness: the psycho-emotive pathology of spam. After assembling the basic facts of the matter Collins ventures a full narrative:

'Luzy and Ron met online. Despite a significant age difference, and thousands of miles between them, they fell fast and deeply in love. They made plans to be together, a plan to bring Luzy from Vietnam to California. They decided to go into business together. The internet seemed like such a magical place to them. After all, through it they’d accomplished the impossible and found each other. Because of this belief, they were seduced by the promises of GDI. Ron would handle the numbers and the technical aspects, and Luzy would create the graphics. They set up shop at tyepilot.com, and began attempting to sell .WS domain names. The images Luzy created, the hope.jpgs, not only served as promotion for their business, but as love letters to Ron, and as hopes and prayers for the future - a future that did not come."

Some of the offspring of their fateful venture can be seen at www.tyepilot.com, which Collins purchased after Tye let the domain expire. It serves as the (im)permanent gallery of their internet dreams. Go HERE to see the piece.

Note: re-emergence of the mystery (sleuthing) genre in post modernity. Why the thirst for mystery? Twin Peaks; The Savage Detectives. What is mysterious? Is mystery mysterious?"

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