BYOB CHI#1 (2011)

"Like A Cat Under A Blanket"

I made this piece for BYOB CHI at Kunsthalle New. All of the other BYOB pieces exhibited that night collide into a cubist(ish) collage explosion of pixels and polygons. Walking the fine line between chaos and composition. Unintentional collaborations and emergent patterns. Putting a bunch of art in one place and stirring it up just to see what happens.

Images of everyone else's work (see a list here,) were all snapped on my cell phone during installation, and inserted as textures onto 3D interactive cloth that folds and tears and is affected by physics. The work was finished and the code compiled at 6:59pm, right as the exhibition began.

You can see it in action here. control with the mouse. click to restart. Installation pics coming soon.

Download for Mac Download for PC

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