Ad campaign (2013)

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I made this "advertisement" for the Badlands Unlimited "AD BOOK" created by BFFA3AE for iOS devices. Click Here to Download. It's great! AD BOOK by BFFA3AE is an e-book that consists entirely of advertisements: for artists, galleries, publications, businesses, and anything arts related. Through both open call and invitation, BFFA3AE received over 200 ads from emerging and established artists and groups from New York, London, and elsewhere. AD BOOK contributors purchased ad space based on a price determined by BFFA3AE’s own invented system of value. Each ad—like all great advertising—teeters at the edge of expression, promotion, and common sense. Taken as a whole, AD BOOK testifies to how perverse and diverse any self-respecting marketplace of ideas ought to be. With an introduction by Artforum publisher Knight Landesman.